[NEWS 2017.09.06]

Wednesday September 6th, 2017. 

First meeting production team meeting. 

Captain Harlock production team shares an incredible enthousiasm about the project. No doubt Harlock's battleship Arcadia will soon take off for an unforgettable adventure fans and audience alike will soon embark on for what is announced as a trilogy. 

As director Olivier Van Hoofstadt states : 

"Our goal is to adapt Leiji Matsumoto's beloved Space Pirate for a worldwide audience all the while bringing something to the screen audiences have never seen before. I really want to surprise everybody. This is an incredible challenge and I think everyone will be thrilled by the great many surprises we'll be bringing them through Luc's outstanding script". 


Left to right : 

Producer Marc Sessego, Concept art designer Roberto Ricci, Scriptwriter Luc Brunschwig, Director Olivier Van Hoofstadt


Concept art design Roberto Ricci with a personal design he made of Captain Harlock on the last page of Urban Vol 4.



"Captain Harlock" scriptwriter Luc Brunschwig


"Captain Harlock" director Olivier Van Hoofstadt.  



Left to right:

Concept art designer Roberto Ricci, Scriptwriter Luc Brunschwig and Director Olivier Van Hoofstadt discuss Vol 4 of Urban comic book.



Left to right : 

Concept Art Roberto Ricci, Director Olivier Van Hoodstadt, Film World Studios Françoise Toquet and Scriptwriter Luc Brunschwig discuss Ricci's stunning art design on Urban vol 4.

[NEWS 2017.07.26]

Director Olivier Van Hoofstadt ("Dikkenek", "Go Fast") is on board to direct. 

The script is being written by comic book artist Luc Brunschwig. 

Stay tuned !

Here are samples of Luc's previous work: 

XIII Mystery ~ Jonathan Fly (© Dargaud) / Urban (© Futuropolis) / Le Pouvoir des Innocents (© Delcourt) / Holmes (© Futuropolis) / La Mémoire dans les Poches (© Futuropolis)